Know the present and plan for the future.

Using the latest technologies, our technical teams carry out an assessment of each location, identifying requirements and unit counts. Using this collected data, the Project Team develops all the necessary engineering for the planning and design of FTTH networks, always in accordance with the client's technical specifications.

During the Survey and Design stages, we innovated to create smarter solutions and invested heavily in programs to promote improvements and increase efficiency.

    Among the various services provided in this area, we highlight the following:
  • Calculation and design of telecommunications network projects - HFC / FTTN / FTTH
  • Projects to implement telecommunications base stations for the mobile network
  • Elaboration of licensing processes with all entities
  • Drafting of cadastral map and final blueprints
  • Preparation of technical engineering manuals
  • Software applications to improve the quality of projects produced and increase employee productivity
  • Design and development of FTTH network architectures
  • Planning, design and calculation of FTTH networks
  • Technical consultancy in FTTH networks (engineering, construction, installation, etc.)
  • Development of software and specific applications for FTTH networks
  • Outsourcing