At the front line when solving problems.

Considering environmental issues as one of the key issues for all sectors of activity, and with increasing social and political concern and change in this regard, the LRB makes a point of being at the forefront in solving problems and in the expansion of strategies that are in accordance with the interests of the environmental protection policies that are increasingly in vogue, thus helping entities that wish to implement a correct environmental strategy.

With events on the agenda such as climate change, the emerging crisis in the availability of water and its pollution, the threat to biodiversity, production and waste disposal, among others, the environmental component has gained an increasing weight in the management of organizations, requiring a constant search for sustainability and efficient use of resources.

    Among the various services provided in the environment area, we highlight the following:
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental management
  • Water Resources Management
  • Geodynamics of Coastal Assessment
  • Green Energy